Master Program: Management & Technology

Thesis Topic: Investigating the Influence of Mentors on Product Management Strategies in Early-Stage Ventures: A Stakeholder Perspective

Supervisor: David Nawrath

Master Program: Bioeconomy

Thesis Topic: Techno-Economic Analysis of Sargassum-Based Pyrolysis

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Magnus Fröhling

Master Program: Management & Technology

Thesis Topic: Analyzing Financial Risks Within Corporate Sustainability Reports With Natural Language Processing

Supervisor: Tanja Dreiser

Master Program: Management / Data Analysis & Engineering

Thesis Topic: Economic Value Creation with Large Language Models

Supervisor: Carmen Baur & Prof. Dr. Holger Patzelt

Master Program: Nutrition & Biomedicine

Thesis Topic: Stress and Food Intolerance Symptoms: A Pilot Study on the Impact of Stress Management Techniques on Psychological and Physical Well-Being in Individuals with Food Intolerance

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Manuel Spitschan

Master Program: Business Informatics

Thesis Topic: Investigating the Potentials and Barriers of the Circular Economy Ecosystem for Semiconductors

Supervisor: Timo Böttcher

Master Program: Management & Technology / HEC Double Degree

Thesis Topic: Consumers’ willingness to pay for a milk alternative based on brewer’s spent grain

Supervisor: Malte Oehlmann

Master Program: Management & TechnologyCreation

Thesis Topic: Development of a sustainable business model for a software solution in the purification process of biopharmaceuticals

Supervisor: David Nawrath

Master Program: Development Production and Management in Mechanical Engineering

Thesis Topic: The Sustainability Circle: Analysis of Cooperative Startup Business Models in the Circular Economy

Supervisor: Carl-Philipp Beichert

Rodrigo Gutierrez

Master Program: Innovation and Business Creation

Thesis Topic: