Master Program: Management & Technology

Thesis Topic: ApDeterminants of Digital Business Models for Sustainability to Foster Success of B2B Start-ups

Supervisor: Timo Böttcher, M.Sc.

Master Program: Informatics

Thesis Topic: IT-Assisted Provision of Product Data to Online Retailers in the Home & Living Sector

Supervisor: Prof. Florian Matthes

Master Program: Computational Science and Engineering

Thesis Topic: Improving German Legal Information Retrieval with Contextual Word Embeddings for Word Sense Disambiguation

Supervisor: Prof. Florian Matthes

Master Program: Energy and Process Enginnering & Management and Technology

Thesis Topic: TUM Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing: Sucess factors of AM technology transfer spin-off’s and how to im implement them

Supervisor: Prof. Peter Mayr & Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Habisch

Master Program:Management

Thesis Topic: Promotion and support of sustainability startups: Focal areas, best practices and recommendations for action for university ecosystems

Supervisor: Niclas-Alexander Mauß, M.Sc.

Master Program: Management

Thesis Topic:European Climate Innovation Landscape: Opportunities and challenges to fund and scale Climate Tech startups

Supervisor: Friedrich Tacke, M.Sc.

Master Program: Consumer Science

Thesis Topic: The Role of Zebra Start-ups within Sustainability Transitions

Supervisor: Dr. Alexandra Mittermaier

Vice President Entrepreneurship of the Technical University of Munich

Co-Founder and CEO of UnternehmerTUM

Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI)

Contact Persons: Dr. Alexandra Mittermaier; Yasmina Trautmann, M.Sc.; Kristina Koch, M.Sc.; Carmen Baur, M.Sc.

Master Program: Biomedical Computing

Thesis Topic: Two Case Studies of applying the EU Medical Device Regulation Certification Process: An AI Diagnostic Software and a 3D Printed Therapeutical Surgery System

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden