Master Program: Management and Technology

Thesis Topic: The Impact of Academic Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth and Development

Supervisor: Prof. Edward Roberts (MIT) & Dr. Gresa Latifi (TUM)

Master Program: Management & Technology

Thesis Topic: Digitizing the German Construction Industry: Possible Contributions of Inventory Management Systems

Supervisor: tbd

Master Program: Management

Thesis Topic: Challenges and Opportunities of the Circular Economy for SMEs in the Manufacturing Industry

Supervisor: Niclas-Alexander Mauß, M.Sc.

Master Program: EMBA Innovation and Business Creation

Thesis Topic: Original Challenges of Cloud Computing: Enterprises with a Software Landscape dominated by Cloud

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Theresa Treffers

Master Program: Information Systems

Thesis Topic: Translating human locomotion into a human digital twin for intelligent manufacturing

Supervisor: Leonard Przybilla, M.Sc.

Master Program: Informatics

Thesis Topic: Employer Branding in Public Administration

Supervisor: Barbara Prommegger, M.Sc., & Kelly Volland

Master Program: Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence

Thesis Topic: Requirements Engineering for vehicle-based systems

Supervisor: Clemens Pizzinini, M.Sc.

Master Program: Electrical Engineering

Thesis Topic: Enabling access to healthcare in rural Sub-Saharan Africa: research and implementation of a vehicle-based system prototype on the aCar

Supervisor: Philipp Rosner, M.Sc.

Master Program: Management (LMU)

Thesis Topic: Attention and Learning in Crowdsourcing Tasks

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jörg Claussen

Master Program: Management and Technology

Thesis Topic: Vergleichbarkeit und Bewertung der Media-Formen und -kanäle im Rahmen der Digitalisierung  – Analyse und Anforderungen an die Datensystematik

Supervisor: Yasmina Trautmann, M.Sc.