Program Requirements

The TUM Entrepreneurial Masterclass is intended for outstanding entrepreneurial master students at TUM who have already proven their abilities and creativity in various contexts.

Formally required are ongoing master studies at TUM and the fulfilment of all regular requirements for the registration of a master thesis at the planned starting date.

Specific requirements:

  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • High degree of personal and extra-curricular engagement
  • Determination and personal initiative
  • Enthusiasm to be strongly involved in the community and willingness to actively shape the Masterclass
  • Ambition to write a both excellent scientific and impactful master thesis
  • Strong record of excellence and impact

Please note:

  • Returning from virtual to in-person mode, presence in Munich for physical standups and other events is required, even if fellows are located in other cities. No exceptions will be made.
  • Generally the program focuses on TUM students. Yet, under specific conditions, also students from universities can be admitted. Beyond the mentioned criteria, this requires applicants to be co-founders in TUM-affiliated startup projects or members of TUM-affiliated programs (such as CDTM) and have direct support and supervision from a professor at their own university.

Application Timeline

Applicants go through a multi-stage selection process. First, the following documents are submitted online:

  • CV (max. 2 pages)
  • Motivation letter (max. 1 page): Reason for interest in Masterclass, expectations from the program, understanding of own role as Masterclass Fellow, ideas for personal engagement and initiative within Masterclass.
  • Description of the project that is to be further developed in the course of the master’s thesis. Mandatory for the Startup Creation Track and Entrepreneurship Support Track, not relevant only for the Tech Venture Challenge. Please make sure to use the obligatory template: Startup Creation TrackEntrepreneurship Support Track.

In stage 2, a pre-selection takes place based on the submitted documents.

In stage 3, pre-selected candidates are invited to an interview. Admission is decided by a selection committee of members of the university management, UnternehmerTUM and TUM ERI.


Current Master Thesis Offers

Generally, the application is based on individual proposals, which are closely related to an own startup project or the applicant’s personal passion. However, it is also possible to apply for master thesis offerings.

In the Startup Creation Track, this is possible when either exisitng startups explicitely search for co-founders or research institutes search implementation channels for their scientific findings. In the Entrepreneurship Support Track, actors and organisations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can offer theses closely related to their activities. In the Tech Venture Challenge Track, a given challenge is offered once each semester.

Startup Creation Track

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Entrepreneurship Support Track

Tech Venture Challenge Track