Master Program: Management and Technology

Thesis Topic: Sustainability Check TUM Venture Lab Startups
Supervisor: tbd

Master Program: Business Administration

Thesis Topic: „Diversity at all means? – How to assemble a high performing VC funds investment team from different diversity perspectives“

Supervisor: Prof. Braun/ Prof. Claussen (LMU)

Master Program: Management and Innovation

Thesis Topic: IIImplementation of circular business models in the manufacturing industry: barriers and solution approaches.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ing. Fottner

Chair of Materials Engineering of Additive Manufacturing

Contact Person: Dipl.-Ing. SFI Stefan Habisch

Chair of Software Engineering for Business Information Systems

Contact Person: Aline Schmidt

Institute of Flight System Dynamics

Contact Person: Tuğba Akman, M.Sc.

Chair of Research and Science Management

Contact Person: Dipl. soc. oec. Peter Paschek

Chair of Data Processing

Contact Person: Matthias Kissel, M.Sc.

Chair of Connected Mobility

Contact Person: Dr. Wolfgang Wörndl

Chair of Strategy and Organization

Contact Persons: Michael Fröhlich, M.Sc.Dr. Theresa Treffers