Master Program: Biology

Thesis Topic: Identifikation von Polyethylen abbauenden Enzymen aus einem metagenomischen Kontext und Entwicklung von Methoden zum Nachweis des Polyethylen-Abbaus durch Bakterien

Supervisor: Dr. Sonja Vanderhaeghen

Master Program: Electrical Engineer and Information Technology

Thesis Topic: Blockchain and IoT based Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Diepold

Master Program: Management and Technology

Thesis Topic: The internationalization process of new ventures: The case of the green-tech venture Toopi

Supervisor: Prof. Reetz

Master Program: ESPACE – Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology

Thesis Topic: tbd

Supervisor: tbd

Master Program: Informatics

Thesis Topic: Turing Metaverse – How to design HCI under large scale mixed reality metaverse

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Daniel Roth

Master Program: RCI

Thesis Topic: Space-Based Solar Power

Supervisor: tbd

Master Program: RCI

Thesis Topic: Woodpinger – Bioacoustic bark beetle detection using deep learning

Supervisor: tbd

Master Program: Neuroengineering

Thesis Topic: Precision Medicine by Causal AI: Neural Density Estimators for Model-Based Hearing Diagnostics

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jakob Macke

Master Program: Mechanical Engineering

Thesis Topic: Identification of resistance and development of solutions for digitizing the German dental health market

Supervisor: Marc Mehrer

Master Program: Mechanical Engineering

Thesis Topic: How does the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay area work and how do the different players plug into it or not?

Supervisor: Niclas-Alexander Mauss