What is the TUM EMC?

The TUM EMC offers a framework for selected and highly motivated students to help them combine writing their academic thesis with creating real-life entrepreneurial impact.

Why does the TUM EMC have different tracks?

Offering three different tracks enables the TUM EMC to cover different kinds of student interests and different kinds of entrepreneurial impact.


Start-Up Creation Track: Interesting for students who have already founded or are in the process of founding their own start-up. The thesis can cover any type of question that would advance the development of the start-up and is a fit to the student’s degree program.

Entrepreneurship Support Track: Interesting for students who want to advance Munich’s entrepreneurship ecosystem but who have not (yet) founded an own start-up. In this case, the thesis can cover any type of question that would advance the development of the ecosystem/be interesting to a multitude of start-ups and is a fit to the student’s degree program.

Tech Venture Challenge Track: Interesting for students who want to work on a predefined topic with an interdisciplinary team of students. The project topic as well as the different types of questions to be covered by the students will be communicated approx. one month prior to the application deadline.


For inspiration, feel free to have a look at what our fellows have already worked on.

Who can apply to the TUM EMC?

TUM Master students from all disciplines who are eligible to write their final thesis can apply to join the TUM EMC. Also, Master students from LMU who are founding or have founded a start-up in cooperation with TUM student(s) (i.e. as co-founders) can apply.

When can I apply to the TUM EMC?

The TUM EMC offers three intakes per year: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.

The application deadline for each intake is set two months prior to the relevant starting date (i.e. November 1, February 1, May 1, August 1).

For the Tech Venture Challenge track, only two intakes apply: April 1 and October 1.

How can I apply to the TUM EMC?

You can hand-in your application materials via our online tool.

Do I need to define my own thesis topic?

Yes, in a first step you need to define your own topic and research question. During the interview process, we would like to see that you have thoroughly thought about why your thesis topic would be interesting for practitioners and academia and how it would advance your venture project / the entrepreneurial eco-system. However, your topic/question is not set in stone and can be adapted/improved through discussions with your supervisor, the TUM EMC program management, and the TUM EMC community.


Additionally, there are also selected thesis offers that students can choose from. Feel free to have a look at our current offers.

Do I need to find an academic supervisor myself?

Yes, we are encouraging you to reach out to TUM faculty who has an academic interest in your thesis topic as soon as possible. If you are struggling to find a suitable supervisor, the TUM EMC program management will support your further search.

Which documents do I need for my application?

When applying to the TUM EMC, you need to upload your current CV, a motivation letter and a track-specific application template detailing your planned project/topic.

How does the TUM EMC application process look like?

The TUM EMC application process is structured in four steps:

  1. Students hand-in their written application materials prior to the relevant deadline
  2. TUM EMC program management screens the written applications and conducts a pre-selection of candidates
  3. Successful candidates will be invited to a ~10 minute interview with the TUM EMC program management
  4. Candidates receive their final admission feedback within two weeks after the interview

How much time commitment is required from EMC fellows?

When committing to a spot in the TUM EMC, fellows are expected to (1) join our 3-hour stand-up session every two weeks and to engage in one of our four taskforces (Academy, Public Relations, Technology, Community) which amounts to a workload of 1-2 hours per week.

Which topics are covered in the TUM EMC stand-up sessions?

The stand-up sessions are composed of three elements:

  1. Thesis update session in a group of 5-7 students
  2. Taskforce work
  3. Content session: e.g. input from successful founders